Friday, 31 August 2012

High Voltage Insulating Electrical Mats for Control Panels

Electricity is a Boon & catalyst for Industrial Revolution. It is a root for fruitful development of any industry. We the advancement begun in 20th century need for more & more electricity laid down the fore-steps of inventing new & advance ways of Electricity generation.
In early times Electricity was manufactured using coal or wood then with the advancement petroleum (Diesel) began to use as the later is more convenient to use. Now a days Electricity is mostly generated using Wind Energy, Nuclear Energy & Hydro Energy.
Electrical Panels are control units are used to control all the electrical devices at one place. Workers spent a fair amount of time working on these panels. Insulating Mats made of Elastomer are therefore placed around area of work of workers on these panels to protect them of any Electric Stock in case of any current leakage, overflow or any such emergencies.

Insulating switchboard mats are considered as a Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), that's designed for use around switchboards or high voltage carrying equipment. Used in many industrial plants and factories to protect workers against electrical shocks.

"Elastomer" is a generic term which mean any substance which is elastic or stretchable under external force & would attain original shape when external force is removed. This includes Rubber, Polymers either Natural or Synthetic.
International & Indian Standards : IS:15652:2006, IEC:61111, ASTM D178
Insulating Mats are available in Various shapes, Sizes, thickness & colour, as per the requirement of the purchaser & can resist current up to 70KV. Thickness determine the current resistant capacity of the mat. As per Indian Standard (BIS) 2mm thick Insulating mats are recommended for up to 3.3KV, 2.50mm for 11KV & 3mm for 33KV (these figures mean working voltage, test voltage are quite on higher side).

Matting Thickness vary from 3.2mm to 12.7mm as per ASTM D178 standard & for IEC (International Electro technical Commission) its 3mm for up to 26.5KV & 4mm for up to 36KV.
We manufacture Rubber & Polymer Products which includes industrial Rubber Sheets & Rubber Hoses, Insulating Mats for Electrical Panels,  Rubber Matting, PVC Water Stops for construction joint waterproofing & other customized Rubber & Polymer Products.

Electricity Safety Mats or Electro mats are safe for both High Voltage & low Voltage Panels. Other than having resistant towards electric current these mats are Oil, Acid, Chemical, UV, Alkalies resistant as well & could also be manufactured as per customer's requirement having special properties like self-extinguishing against fire. thickness could also be increased in case of to be used at a adverse environment.

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